Friday, October 5, 2012

Creating a Tea Experience that Sells! Part 4

As we wind up this series on successful selling experiences for your tea business, themes for your presentations is the perfect topic!
You know it, and your customers know it! GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!
Incorporating themed ideas into your presentation will ramp up that wow factor to help you get the "booking" and help with great attendance. Women are busy, that's a given and if you give them a reason to squeeze your event into their busy schedule then you have them. So let's give a reason for them to have fun! Yes, they  like you and your products, but they may need a bit more to convince them, so what kind of themes can you use to create this fun atmosphere without hiring an event planner? So grab a pen and paper and copy some of these ideas to get your own ideas flowing!

  • Seasonal Holidays-these occur almost monthly and already have the recognition you're looking for!
  • Local Happenings-is there a strawberry festival you can hitch your ideas to? 
  • Local Experiences- Is your area known for their Renaissance Fair or Victorian Holiday-use this theme to expand on what they already do and are known for
  • Mystery! Everyone loves a good mystery and it is easily adaptable into the tea party experience
  • Charitable Events- chose a charity and their color scheme and logo to add to your tea party, infact, many charities now have an association with a certain month that you can use to promote your event
  • Use your hobbies and abilities to add to the wow factor! Do you love to garden, this is a great draw to your guests! Use your garden for the location, menu and decor. They will love the atmosphere this brings to the party.
  • Movies and books-Who doesn't love a good movie? You see "Downton Abbey" tea parties all over the world, get in on it while you can or choose and oldie but goodie of your own. And speaking of Jane Austen, okay, speaking of books, you can find quite alot of great party ideas, decor and more on facebook and the blog world to help you! You can even celebrate the authors birthdate with a party! Jane's is in Dec.
  • Victorian Dress up- The addition of "Hats and Gloves are to be enjoyed" on your invite will create an amazing sense fun and friendship to your party
These are just a few ideas to get your head around the theme approach! There are so many that can help you add that wow factor that your hosts and customers are looking for. 
Once you've chosen your theme, incorporate it into your tea party. Bring the theme to your invites, table settings, product display, music and food prepared by your host. This will help your customers feel the excitement and become part of the theme experience. Remember to set a budget, and partner with your Hostess to bring the themed party together. Her involvement is key! You may even find that you have a new following of customers who will attend your themes if you hold them on a monthly schedule! Remember, fun is what will create an amazing tea experience that sells.

Have you held a themed tea party before? What is your favorite idea? We'd love to hear about your own ideas and experiences! Please post your comments below, our readers and dying to see what you've tried or are thinking!

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