Monday, October 1, 2012

Creating a Tea Experience that Sells! Part 3

As cooler mornings welcome us, Americans are reaching for their mugs of steaming tea! Cooler weather makes for HOT profits! In part 3 of our series, Creating Tea Experiences that Sell, we will be looking at the hot topic, Facebook Parties so grab your pen and paper to get these ideas working for you immediately.

A Facebook Party has much in common with a catalog party. It's easy to put together, you can do several at a time and the Hostesses love getting the rewards for "just passing the catalog around" But you and I both know that there is more to it than that. In fact, if you don't use several guidelines before hand, you may as well just toss those catalogs out! And it's the same for a Facebook Party! Remember, your time is the most valuable resource you have, so plan ahead to get the most profits by using your time wisely.

First, let's set a few guidelines for your Facebook Party:
 (these would be valuable for your Catalog Shows as well)

  • Get a guest list from your Host  
  • Set  Starting and Closing Dates for the Party
  • Get your Host involved in the commenting, reviewing, and testimonials (She is after all your partner)
  • Get a sample and invite out in the mail too! 
In any 'Selling Style" when a group of people are involved, a guest list is a must. It's your best path to follow up with people, as the party progresses. And we all know that the fortune is in the follow up! Even if all the Hostess has is email addresses for her guests, get a list! This is your business, these are your future customers, you can get the other contact info from them at a later point, but you need a guest list in order to do this.  Having your Host just click on people she feels like inviting from her "friend" list is a "Spray & Pray" method that will leave you wondering and praying for sales.

A date for your Party is expected, but take it one step further and set a closing date. This will honor those that order early, by getting their products to them in a timely fashion, and it will create a sense of urgency for those who procrastinate. Stick to those dates, don't extend the party in hopes of more sales! (Only a few dollars will trickle in and now you've sent the wrong message to those wonderful customers that did order) You can offer a small incentive for early birds if you'd like, but don't give away the farm, your company already offers some great specials, use those!

Getting your Host involved is key in the success of this Selling Style! She is your relationship builder! She is your partner and your gateway to the guests. They will be watching for her activity, her suggestions and her pointers! Use her, in fact, discuss this with her ahead of time. Ask her those same "Hostess Coaching" questions as if you were attending her home. What kind of tea would she like to serve, those are the teas to discuss online and perhaps send a sample of to the guests. What kind of scones, post a comment about her favorite flavor and why she loves it! Create some activity and get the guests involved in the discussion about how easy the scones are to make, etc. 

Get a tea sample, an Afternoon Tea Postcard or another favorite visual out in the mail with a Thank you card to each guest. Here's an inexpensive way to deepen the relationship with a guest that you may not ever meet in person!

Now, let's get to the FUN! Remember, EVERYONE is on Facebook for FUN!  How do you create fun?
Set up the Party as an event in your business page (You MUST have a business page or FB will shut you down) Get as many of the senses involved as you can! Use music, product videos, and display photos to create that fun atmosphere that your company is known for. What videos has your company made, what quick clips can you make?  These will make your Event stand out!  Give some thought to these and you may find that you can use the same ones over and over. Create Facebook Events that will bring in profits for your business!

Did you pick up a few tips in this post? We'd love to hear your ideas on how you will be using Facebook to create your own selling style. Please post your comments below. Thanks and have a tea-rific day!

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