Monday, October 8, 2012

Brown Bag Lunch or Tea Party Time!

The art of Afternoon Tea can transport you to a wonderful world of bliss and tranquility. Let's bring a bit of that to the office! Celebrating an occasion such as a birthday, engagement or baby shower with co workers at the office can be challenging. A tea party at lunch time is just the right touch.
Instead of brown bagging it; Tea Bag it!      

  • Grab your stash of pretty cards (you know the ones, you've been saving them!) and invite your co workers to Afternoon tea during Lunch Time.
  • Ask them to bring their favorite teacup or pretty mug.
  •  Ask each guest to bring: one sandwich(crusts cut off) and cut into quarters-try egg salad, turkey and                cranberries, ham and pineapple -each guest will enjoy four different finger sandwiches! (1/4 of each sandwich)bring 4 of their favorite tea sachets(or bags)/to share their favorite blend   (one for each guest) 
  •  bring 4 sweet treats-bite size brownies, shortbread cookies, lemon bars etc.-what a great way to indulge without overdoing! (one for each guest)

As Hostess you will want to bring four (or more depending on your quest list) pretty paper plates and napkins.  Also make sure you have boiling water for your tea, preferably not micro-waved
. And who can resist a small bouquet of flowers- a small pots of mums can also be used as favors- one for each guest to bring back to their desk!
How can you adapt this for your office/work setting? We'd love to hear how your coworkers enjoyed it! Please do post your comments below, we look forward to reading and responding to them!

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