Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tea Party Divas don't like to do dishes!

Many of you have asked, so I thought I'd share. I hate doing the laundry and I don't like to wash silverware! That's why a traveling tea party business is the one for me. Don't get me wrong, I love tearooms. I love being a guest at a tearoom. I sit there and sip my tea and am glad that I can pay my check after a lovely tea time with my friend or daughter and leave the dishes to someone else!
So, what do I mean by a traveling tea party business? My business is based from home. I work from my laptop, smartphone and printer. I have a large rubbermaid bin with my product display, a cute black and white tote bag for my catalogs, order forms and samples and a good size basket for my prizes. (That's one thing I love to do, give away prizes like I'm Monty Hall). I travel with these things from home to home and I teach women about tea. How to make it, how to enjoy it and laugh alot doing it.
In serving tea, I do more than serve. God's given me a way to reach people, and it's through tea. After 5 years, it still amazes me.
A traveling tea business is easy on the overhead. You work from home. It's easy on the family, you put them into your schedule first and then figure out how much you want to work and travel to tea parties. It's easy on your hands because you're not the one cleaning up after the party. You pack away your lovely things into your bins and baskets and the hostess is thanking you for everything you did while she cleans the kitchen and does the dishes! And get this, my hostesses have become some of my best friends and some of my best business buddies.
So I'll continue to enjoy collecting the vintage tea cups and dishes, serve tea to wonderful women and let them clean up.

P.S  I love this idea from Country Living Magazine, serving soup from your teacup. Perfect for a bridal shower :)

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