Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gratitude is the best foundation for a business!

Gratitude is more than teaching your children to say thank you and it's just as important in your business as it is in your family life.
Showing your customers that you care about them is important. Your customers are so distracted and overwhelmed by their phones, computers and daily life that it will take your gratitude to scale the wall and make an impression on them.
How do you show your gratitude? How do you create a door in that wall and build a relationship on the other side?
It really doesn't take much. In fact, to stand out in the crowd it just takes a little bit! A little bit more listening, A little bit more effort. A little bit more time to show them they mean a lot to you; they are important and they are valued.
We have a system. We teach our Consultants to reach out and connect with their client base every day, every week and every month. By writing 2 note cards a day, popping by to say hello with a small gift and sending a piece of mail that makes them smile and offers value- they will continually build relationships. This system creates a dynamic connection with your customers.
Showing them how grateful you are to have them as customers, hosts and friends will help you grow your business and keep you servant oriented. Serving from your heart, with gratitude shining through, is the best foundation for any business.

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