Friday, June 1, 2012

Just a little note

One of the easiest ways to stay in touch with someone is a notecard. So simple, yet fast becoming a forgotten art. It's so fun to write a card, choosing a pretty one, purchasing pretty stamps and using a favorite pen. Why then, don't we do it more often?
Take a few minutes, and put together a small basket with a pack of 10-12 notecards and envelopes, stamps with a pen.
Keep it within reach where you are most likely to use it! I have a little basket in my car and one at my nightstand.
Now make a pledge to yourself to write 2 a day! Reach out to family, friends and as a business owner-your Customers! Yes, imagine how you would feel if your dentist dropped a card to you (even if his receptionist wrote it) just to say hello. It would make you feel better about his services and you would be more likely to refer him because you would have been reminded of him and what he has to offer.
This is what your customers need! A non-salesy way of being reminded of you, your services and that they really do enjoy hearing from you.
A simple 2 line friendly greeting is all that is needed. It's enough to make someone smile, and hey who doesn't need that these days?
Yes, email is easy, but are you sure that they are reading your emails? When the inbox is swamped and time to read them is less and less everyday the delete button gets alot of action. A pretty notecard, with a pretty stamp and a handwritten address gets opened immediately. Read, re-read and may even end up on the fridge!
It's so much fun to get a card in the mail, so make someone's day and keep in touch with your customers! What a great way to build customer service into your business toolbox too!