Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you have a plan to meet People?

Your business relies on building relationships. You need to meet PEOPLE in order to establish these relationships.
This should be the main focus of your Marketing Plan. Take a few minutes today and list the groups, organizations, and networks you belong to. Think of the different aspects of your life, the different branches of your family and who you meet through them. Getting out several times a month to connect with people is the objective, and belonging to these groups will enable you to do that.

Face to Face is the next step in strengthening your relationships. There's a great book out called, Never Eat Alone, which is just the point; spend time with others and be curious about their lives. Ask questions and then, Listen! Growing a relationship takes time, and you must consider this time an investment in your business. Each person you meet is a deposit in your "People Bank", your income account!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Do you love to share your fav's?

I believe the best way to get referrals for your business is to GIVE them!

As women, we love to find out where the best hairdresser in town is. When we see a gal with a great pair of shoes or handbag we give the compliment and quickly find out where she got them!  It can be the same for your business! One tool I love to use is a "Wealth Tracker". This is a list of all the service and professional people I personally use. These are the people I trust, so why not throw business their way and refer them to others. The fortune though is in the follow up. Give a call, or shoot an email out to that friendly dry cleaner you just told a new neighbor about so that they know you are a referrer and they can expect some new business.
Let them know that this is how you do business too, and ask them to keep you in mind the next time the opportunity arises!