Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The best laid plans or your best intentions?

Having a business and planning to do business; they go hand in hand.

I think that there is also another key ingredient to business.

"Intending" to do business

As a direct seller, the majority of us are women, many of us moms to boot.

So trying to keep a business going, and profitably, can be a series of start ups.(and downs)

One month you may have 4 parties because family life is managable.

The following month, family life is hectic and you just didn't find time to complete your

"CEO to do list".

The next thing you know, you've got a cancellation or two, no leads to speak with, and your energy is zapped.

But why?

You've got a new day timer, written in all the company specials and highlighted the days open to hold parties! What else can you possibly do?

How about setting "intentions" for your business? I like the term "intention" better than "goal".

An intention is an action taking process. A goal is the sum of plans made.

An intention is a commitment to make it happen so that you can get to that goal! It helps you to see the action taking place, to visualize the process and make it more comfortable to complete.

In your cute day planner, write down your intentions for the week, then the month.

How much product do you intend to sell this week, this month? How do you intend to sell it?

How many new consultants do you intend to sponsor on your team? How do you intend to meet them? These active intentions can help you run a consistent profitable business!

If you need that carrot to help you take action- set a goal, but make it your intention to hit the marks you desire for the month!

How do you make time for your business and make that happen? Any comments?