Thursday, July 9, 2009

Romancing your business this summer!

The fine art of balancing family and your business is put to the test during these lazy crazy days of summer! After all, the reason we joined the direct selling community is to be at home when the family needs us. But letting your business take the back burner during these weeks will often cause you to be scratching your head in the fall. The best way to keep the cash flowing this summer and build your business for the fall is to be consistent and spend time with it! I like to call it “Romancing my business”, after all it is a Tea Party business.
All it takes is focus. How much focus depends on you! One of my favorite trainers, Belinda Ellsworth, speaks on using the Power Hour to build your business. May I take this one step further?

Make yourself a cup of tea and focus on your business each day for 15 focused minutes! You'd be amazed at what you can get done in such a short amount of time when you focus on the tasks at hand-consistently. I would also suggest starting each week with a some pretty sticky notes stuck into your planner. Jot down each task on a sticky and place in the appropriate day, this will get your subconscious active on the task and then when it's time to sit and focus it will literally be a no- brainer to get it done. The mind is an amazing thing when you give it a job to do, and don't leave things to just "happen".
So, go ahead-Romance your business this summer! Spend time and grow it alongside your family!

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