Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Brides and tea parties!

When you think of June do bridal magazines come to mind?
It's time to invest in a few or even better, visit the Library! As you look thru the lovley ads and articles, think about how you can tap into this market for your tea pary business.

* What are the color trends right now and coming up for the fall?
* Are there any local bridal fairs coming up that you can visit? Before you consider becoming a
vendor, check out the attendence and the other vendors!
* Are there any bridal tea party ideas, table settings etc.?
* Which favor ideas can you use for your business? (Like this cupcake in a teacup!)

Brides also need a way to pay for the upcoming expenses! And if they love tea and adore all that goes with it, they may want to join your company to get free and discounted products. The best way to find out is to listen, ask more questions and listen again! Earn the bride's trust and then make that "opportunity" suggestion.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June and tea parties just go hand in hand!

As you know, June is National Iced Tea Month! Making the most of this occasion is just common sense and good business sense!
Did you also realize that June is known for; Weddings, Roses, Graduations, Fathers, and Teachers?
Let's talk about Iced tea month and Roses. What does that picture look like to you?
I see ladies in the garden having iced tea and laughing as you teach them the health benefits of making their own iced tea from loose leaf tea-without the artificial ingredients and sweeteners.
Offering them great tips and saving them money.
Use your company specials and send out emails and fliers painting a picture for your soon to be hostesses. Help them see what a wonderful afternoon this would be with their friends and why they shouldn't wait! Follow up with a phone call- just a friendly conversation between tea lovers.

What do you think of when we talk about iced tea and roses? How will you turn this into a tea party to grow your business?